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Things I have written about.

  • Mainini, P., 2017, LoRa(WAN) Overview

    Introductory overview of LoRa and LoRaWAN technology, presented at CoSin 2017.



  • Mainini, P, 2017, Efficient and Secure Outsourcing of Modular Exponentiation

    Bachelor's Thesis.



  • Mainini, P., Laube, A., 2016, Access Control in Linked Data Using WebID (Full Paper)

    Full paper version of the poster submission below.


    [PDF] [Published PDF (arXiv)]

  • Mainini, P., Laube, A., 2016, Access Control in Linked Data Using WebID

    Poster and demo track publication, SEMANTICS 2016.


    [PDF] [Published PDF (CEUR-WS)] [Published PDF (arXiv)]

  • Mainini, P., 2014, WebID - Authentication and Authorisation in Linked Data

    Presentation about WebID and Linked Data. Seminar, BFH eVoting group.


    [PDF] [Published PDF (]

  • Mainini, P., Hassenstein, G., 2014, Authentication and Authorization in the Semantic Web

    Article about authentication and authorization in the semantic web. BFH hitech Magazine 2/2014, P. 24-25.


    [PDF] [Published PDF (]

  • Mainini, P., 2013, CV 3.0 Content Access Service — Architecture and Proof of Concept Implementation Specification

    Architecture document for the CV3.0 research project at BFH.


    [PDF] [Published HTML (]


Things I have created or contributed to.

My own projects are also also mirrored at

  • ttnmapper

    Implementation of a mapper node for written in Python for the LoPy MCU. It can be used for finding gateways of The Things Network (TTN) and determine their reach.


  • famodulus

    A system consisting of a Java server and a client library in JavaScript for outsourcing modular exponentiations in multiplicative groups with a prime modulus. Based on my Bachelor's thesis.


  • persemid-usecase

    A proof-of-concept implementation for a usecase in the PerSemID-project.


  • nfc-nci-tests

    Testing functionality of the linux_libnfc-nci-library for interacting with NXP NFC controller chips.


  • stiam-sender

    Implementation of a proof-of-concept attribute authority component as defined by eCH standard 168.


  • p3-webid-proxy

    An HTTPS to HTTP proxy authenticating WebIDs.

    Developed as part of the Fusepool P3 research project at BFH.


  • webidp

    Identity Provider for WebID.

    Developed as part of the CV3.0 research project at BFH.


  • rswiki

    An approach for a RESTful and semantic wiki.


  • fusepool-uduvudu

    Uduvudu is an extensible and adaptive visualization framework for RDF Formated Data.

    It is part of the EU FP7 research project Fusepool.


  • semwebspeech

    Slides of presentations given on various occasions about semantic web-technologies.


  • vlandump

    Small utility for capturing network traffic and listing found VLAN-ids. Based on libpcap.


  • python-scripts

    A collection of small python scripts and other stuff I wrote over the years with no particular order, use or intent.


  • shellscripts

    A collection of small shellscripts/helpers and other stuff I wrote over the years with no particular order, use or intent.